Technology and Security Tailored For Business

These days, it’s never enough to simply have the technology. You also need to have the right security. Gone are the times when we’d feel confident that as long as it is new technology, it is already more secured. A number of cases have proven that as technology advances, so do the threats.

This is exactly the same notion that our company believes in as we started to introduce more innovativeness into our operations. We know that by advancing, without heeding security measures, we are making ourselves and the business vulnerable. The type of business I run thrives on the personal data of our clients. This serves as the bloodline of our operations, and that’s why we can’t afford to compromise them. Our partnership with Firmus constantly assures us that we are protected.

Why Use a Security Consulting Expert Services?

This was also a question we asked ourselves. We also considered hiring one, instead of going for a consulting service like the one offered by Firmus. It turned out that network security is too vital to be left under the supervision of just one person. With Firmus, they have a pool of security experts who are equipped with the most updated tools and technique on securing an IT system including pen testing services. As a testament to their good reputation as security consulting services company, Firmus has actually been awarded multiple times for the kind of work they do for various companies. They have the tools and systems that we don’t, and all these are necessary in keeping our network and data protected.

From network security to source code reviewing, up to the launch of our own mobile application for the business, Firmus has been our partner from step one to finish. Even after the project is done, the ISMS company also has their monitoring mechanism, which on our part is also a highly welcome practice. It may be technically a “one on one consulting service,” but Firmus actually dispatches an entire team for your security needs. The team is extremely professional and you can readily tell that they truly are an expect in what they do.

I can even confidently say now that our business would have not grown this fast and well without the constant services that we get from Firmus Security.