Technology and Security Tailored For Business

These days, it’s never enough to simply have the technology. You also need to have the right security. Gone are the times when we’d feel confident that as long as it is new technology, it is already more secured. A number of cases have proven that as technology advances, so do the threats.

This is exactly the same notion that our company believes in as we started to introduce more innovativeness into our operations. We know that by advancing, without heeding security measures, we are making ourselves and the business vulnerable. The type of business I run thrives on the personal data of our clients. This serves as the bloodline of our operations, and that’s why we can’t afford to compromise them. Our partnership with Firmus constantly assures us that we are protected.

Why Use a Security Consulting Expert Services?

This was also a question we asked ourselves. We also considered hiring one, instead of going for a consulting service like the one offered by Firmus. It turned out that network security is too vital to be left under the supervision of just one person. With Firmus, they have a pool of security experts who are equipped with the most updated tools and technique on securing an IT system including pen testing services. As a testament to their good reputation as security consulting services company, Firmus has actually been awarded multiple times for the kind of work they do for various companies. They have the tools and systems that we don’t, and all these are necessary in keeping our network and data protected.

From network security to source code reviewing, up to the launch of our own mobile application for the business, Firmus has been our partner from step one to finish. Even after the project is done, the ISMS company also has their monitoring mechanism, which on our part is also a highly welcome practice. It may be technically a “one on one consulting service,” but Firmus actually dispatches an entire team for your security needs. The team is extremely professional and you can readily tell that they truly are an expect in what they do.

I can even confidently say now that our business would have not grown this fast and well without the constant services that we get from Firmus Security.

How to find an office 365 partner in Malaysia?

One type of business software product that you need to have is Office 365. With this kind of software suite, you will be able to do a lot of essential tasks on your computer. You can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and so much more using this type of software. And if you are in Malaysia, you had better make sure that you get this kind of software suite from someone who has officially partnered with Microsoft. You may find a partner if you check that they are duly accredited by Microsoft. So you should be very selective in choosing from whom you get your business software.

You should only get Microsoft software from an official Office 365 partner in Malaysia. There are a lot of untrustworthy sellers that are selling pirated software. So if you do not want to get the bogus software, you should be wary of whom you purchase it from. You could end up getting cheated for the price you pay for Microsoft software. So sure to check the person you are partnering with for your business software. It is imperative that you be careful when you are searching for someone who is selling Microsoft 365 software. You should make sure that they are licensed by Microsoft to sell that software subscription.

You may get a good deal for Office 365 products if you find a trustworthy partner. So you actually could end up saving money if you find the right person to purchase the software from. It could be a wise financial decision to get that software from an authorized partner. They will be able to give you a better price when you purchase software from them. In fact, many official Office 365 partners are computer hardware sellers too. So if you buy computer products from them, you may get a deal with Office 365 packaged in as

A reliable Office 365 partners will also be able to help you troubleshoot your software problems. If you encounter any difficulties with the suite of software that comes with Office 365, you may be able to get help if you purchase it from an official Office 365 partner in Malaysia. So if you do not want to encounter any problems with using this Microsoft software, you should be careful with who you buy it from. By purchasing it from an office Microsoft Office 365 partner, you will get unparalleled technical help with any problem with business software.

A lot of computer hardware stores are officially partnered with Microsoft. So if you want to find a reliable Office 365 partner in Malaysia, you can select one if you find a trustworthy computer seller such as You may want to check the reputation of a computer seller if you want to be sure that they are reliable enough to buy software from. To make sure that you are not going to be purchasing pirated software, it is very crucial that you select who you buy your Office 365 software subscription from, very carefully.

An Information Technology Diploma From Mantissa College


If you want to get an information technology diploma, you’re going to find Mantissa College is a good choice. All of the applications needed for admittance to this program can be completed and submitted online. The students who finish the course will receive the tools needed to help them while they work in the IT field. These tools can be used as the students begin work providing IT support to offices, schools, firms and other organizations.

This field has grown in terms of importance over the last few years, due to the fact that information technology plays an important role in the structure and management of organizations and businesses. A graduate of this program will have undergone a great deal of training. The hands-on training provided includes the use of modern IT equipment and learning their processes. With all of these hands-on experiences, you will be able to perform well outside of the classroom, in real-world environments.5736108871_cbb9ae6fce_b

A student that has completed the two-year course will be able to jump into practicing their technical professional skills in a business environment. Graduates will also be able to pursue a higher education in information technology. They will be able to gain a specialized degree.

The course work has all of the major IT subjects, including computer basics, computer applications, computer programming, web development, management information systems, basic economics, mathematics, simple accounting, marketing and Bahasa communication skills. The Bahasa communication skills courses are useful for any student that wishes to be able to communicate more fluently in a Malaysian working environment.

In addition to all these subjects, students will also go through an internship program. A major requirement for this program includes completion of an IT project. This project must be complete before receiving a diploma. This project will prove that any student has or has not gained the elevated level of understanding and training in the IT world. This will prove they are able to create a product, based on what they have learned. This is an experience that puts the student in a situation that allows them to learns about the information technology used in business environment. This experience will be useful when the student starts their IT career.

Admission Qualification

Any student wishing to enroll in the Information Technology courses in Mantissa College needs to be able to meet certain education requirements. To begin with, incoming students should meet SPM O-level. Meaning they need to have a minimum of three SPM credits in order to be eligible for admission. When it comes to the language requirements, the student should hold at least a “D” in Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia communication. You can click the link to reach the Mantissa College application page.

Professional Opportunities and Skills

After completing this IT course, graduates will be able to:

digital-student– Work in the private or public sector
– Apply for various types of IT positions in both industrial and commercial organizations
– Apply for common IT positions, including user support service, computer programmer, network technician, web developer and computer technician
– Operate IT control tools inside both offices and networks
– Work through various types of information systems
– Maintain and manage databases for various types of organizations
– Understand and identify IT tools within IT systems
– Build information technology systems for interactions between secure software and databases
– Introduce relevant software and apply the technology to the business system

This diploma course boasts the MQA Full Accreditation Certificate. This diploma ensures the graduate will be a qualified professional. It also ensures they have the training needed to work in the IT field. Some Malaysian Labor Organizations, including the PSD and JPA, recognize this diploma program as a trusted source for well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable IT workers.

You Can Increase Productivity With The Right Software Inventory Tools

If you happen to have multiple computers that are running different programs, you may end up losing track of what it is that you have and what each individual computer is running. It is best to have software inventory tools that will be able to help you get your software in control and to also keep track of software so that you can be more productive.logo_information_technology

Inventory tools can be very easy to use and incredibly helpful. All you need to do is select the program that you want and then install it. After it is in sync with your network, you can then scan all of the software on each computer and make a total inventory of what you have. This is information that is useful and can save you a good bit of money.

If you happen to be worried about a software audit, your worries will be over with when using this software. This will automatically track licenses and you can set the software to put out alerts if you start to fall out of compliance. You will never have to worry about any IT audits and life will get easier overall.

Software will also manage the product keys, keeping your licensing in one place so that you never have to worry about finding any lost product keys ever again. Losing your product keys can be a stressful situation and even lead to wasted time. You never want to spend a great deal of time looking for any product keys that have programmer_writing_code_with_unit_testsdisappeared. The right software asset management tool will helps make your life a lot easier and be more productive.

The best software will also be able to generate a lot of different reports that will track your IT services. You can track any vendors, apps or providers that you have. You can also track your service tickets and any of the contact that you have with your providers. Tracking tools can be very powerful and help you to track just about anything and keep it all in one place that is easy to find.

With hardware and networks changing at a rapid pace, it will be helpful when you are notified as changes happen. Using this software, you will know what changes are taking place and when. You will be able to save a great deal of time using this software and it is also quite affordable. Reasonably priced and helpful, it will keep you on top of everything.

When it comes time to keep track of your software, inventory tools are going to be a real lifesaver. You cannot beat the convenience and the ease of such software and it can make your life a breeze. Just be sure that you are able to do a good bit of research on the options that are available and shop around to find the best brands before diving in to make a purchase. There are a lot of companies that offer such software and if you want it, you should make sure that you get the option that has all of the features that you want.